How to: Magic Loop with Video

If you’ve read any of my patterns you may have noticed I suggest starting my hats with a magic/adjustable loop instead of the ch 2-4 at the beginning. Why a magic loop?  When you start a project, such as a hat, with a series of chains then work your first round into the first chain you can’t close the center shut which leaves an open space in the middle of your first round. When you use a magic loop you can completely close this space. It makes for a better looking project.

Here I have a video showing the way I like to make my magic loop. You may work any stitch into the loop and as many or as few stitches as your pattern calls for.
* I say I’m working 8 hdcs in the ring but I really work 9. Not a huge deal for showing the magic loop but just in case you were wondering about that 🙂