The Tabitha Tunic

Introducing the Tabitha Tunic. I’m very proud of this top as it is the first on I have designed. I wanted to make something that was simple and easy for the novice crocheter but I also wanted it to have some interesting texture to it.
IMG_0386 copy

The Tabitha Tunic is constructed all in one piece with VERY little seaming at the sleeves.


For the sample I used Bernat Super Value (less than a skein in each color for size 4). Sizes include girls sizes (chest circumference) 2 (21″). 4 (23″), 6 (25″) and 8 (26″). The tunic is surprisingly pretty light weight but I recommend reinforcing the neck with some ribbon (just to keep it from stretching out).


To snag your copy of the Tabitha Tunic click on the icon of your choice.
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A big thanks to my testers who took the time to test this during the busy holiday season!!