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Stash Organizing…I have a Problem

This is a little embarrassing but here it is. My stash. Plus, a few WIPs off to the side.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a mess like this!!

Today I got the motivation to get ALL my yarn together and start organizing. Every time I’ve done this I’ve only done parts of my stash but this time I did it! I got it ALL together. I’ve started by sorting by color (I’ll sort by brands/fiber as I put things away I think). I put everything in bags just to get it all in one place and I threw away tine little balls that I knew I’d never use. Anyone else get a little sad when they do that? Just me??

And then I ran into this. Gah!!

After I got that mess sorted I realized it’s really not as bad as I thought. I’m sure many of you have more! I thought there would be a lot more…Am I missing some..Hmmmm….

Sooo…now what!? I’m going to have to think this through and sleep on it. Hey! maybe the yarn fairies will come a put it away for me as sleep tonight 😉 But in case that doesn’t happen I’ll get my handy yarn winder ready for tomorrow.