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I don’t think I can express in words how much I absolutely adore this sweater! I’m so excited for the release and I hope you all love it too.

This sweater design is something that’s been rolling around in my head for a while. I often take inspiration from clothing I see and this time it was taken from my very own closet. Basically, it’s what I imagine it would look like if two of my favorite sweaters got together and had a beautiful baby. One sweater is a hoodie that I wear almost everyday (as long as it’s clean) even though it’s actually a maternity sweater. What I love about it is that it’s nice and long and has a wide trim. I think it hides my post baby belly quite well. Plus, it’s really comfortable. The other sweater is sporty fleece thing that has a playful cowl neck and drawstring.

In terms of the pattern and wear-ability I think this design has the best of both worlds. While some patterns are easy to make they may not be very practical to wear and while others are easy to wear they may not be so easy to make. My Favorite Crochet Pullover is so simple. It’s constructed all in one piece from the top down with absolutely no seaming at all. The special stitch I used is what puts it over the top for me. With some crochet stitches you end up with a thicker fabric which isn’t always flattering (especially when done with worsted weight yarn) but this one thins out the fabric wonderfully which help hug the body without adding too much bulk!

While I could see a beginner making with pattern without many issues, you do need to have some basic pattern reading skills. I have provided links to videos for almost every stitch or technique used though. If you’re a little more advanced you should had no trouble customizing some of the fit as well.

My Favorite Crochet Pullover is available in two different patterns. One for girls and one for women. While I did design it with girl’s in mind, I personally think it would be great for boys as well.

Girl’s sizes: 21″(23″, 25″, 26″, 28″) chest. Finished chest: 23″(25″, 27″, 28″, 30″)

Women’s sizes: 28″(32″, 36″, 40″, 44″, 52″) bust. Finished bust: 30″(34″, 38″, 42″, 46″, 54″)

The sweater is designed to have 2″ of ease. My bust is 34″ and I’m wearing size 32″ and the girl’s size is made in size 23″ with the models chest measuring 22″. If you’d like a looser or tighter fit you can easily go up or down a size.

For my samples I used Lion Brand Heartland. I highly recommend this yarn. It’s absolutely perfect for this pattern.

Lion Brand Heartland Yarn – $4.80

Retail Price: $6.00
You Save: $1.20

Lion Brand Heartland Tweeds Yarn – $5.19

Retail Price: $6.49
You Save: $1.30

For girl’s sizes you’ll need 2(2, 2, 3, 3) balls of the main color and 1 ball of the contrasting color.

For women’s sizes you’ll need 3(4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6) balls of the main color and 1(1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2) balls of the contrasting color.

You will also need an I hook (or hook to obtain gauge), 2 wood beads (I got a little bag at a local craft store for $1), and at least 1 stitch marker (you can use a scrap piece of yarn). If you need, you can use 4 stitch markers when working the yoke as well. They are not required but may be helpful.

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