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Recently, I was browsing Red Heart’s new yarns (as I often do) and came across their Boutique Silk Sari yarn and just had to try some out. The people at Red Heart were kind enough to send me some so I can let you guys know what I think. Their generous donation has not biased my opinion of their product.


When it arrived my first thought was it’s beautiful. Each hank is handspun with the leftover fibers from making silk saris. This makes each skein a one of a kind creation which I LOVE. The color I received is called Ravishing. It has so many colors in it from bright pink to muted greens.

Red Hear Boutique Silk Sari Yarn review

Each hank only has 75 yards which makes them easy to wind up into a ball by hand (no special equipment needed). It may not seem like a lot but for the projects you’ll want to use it for, a little goes a long way. I know I ended up with more yarn than I needed for a little shawl so I’ll be making a few more things with it.

Silk Sari is a bulky weight yarn. It’s not the softest yarn so I wouldn’t recommend making a garment that will be worn right on the skin. I ended up making a small shawl but I thought it would make a cute bag, rug, bracelet, necklace or just an accent to other projects.

This yarn does take some getting use to when you work with it. Because of the varying thicknesses it did make it a bit difficult to pull through the hook. As I worked with it more it became easier. It worked better if I tried not to fight it too much and just let the yarn lay where it wanted to go. I mean, with such a unique yarn you kind of want it to do it’s own thing anyways. I can imagine it would make it difficult to maintain any kind of gauge which is why I designed something where gauge wasn’t important.

Red Hear Boutique Silk Sari Yarn review

My finished shawl is on the heavy side (pattern coming soon!). I thought I would need more yarn but I stopped after 2 hanks because I didn’t want it to get too heavy. Even with the weight of it I don’t feel like I’d overheat with it on. The stitch I used is open and I feel like the yarn breaths as well.


Over all, I liked the yarn. I think it would be great for a project where you want to use simple stitches and let the yarn be the star. According to Red Heart it has a limited shelf life. So when it’s gone, it’s gone. If you’d like to try it out be sure to get your hand on some while you can!

You can purchase directly from Red Heart HERE or from Amazon HERE (affiliate link).