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When I first started crocheting one thing I didn’t put to much thought into were my hooks. Over the years I have collected quite a few and have learned they are just as important as the yarn. Here are a few hook tips you may not have thought about.

1. Keep several hooks on hand even if they are the same size.

The obvious reason for this is (if you’re like me) you’ll often put a project down and when you come back to pick it up all the sudden the hook you were using is GONE! Sometimes a kid runs off with it or the couch eats it but it’s handy to have an extra hook on hand so you can carry on without loosing your mind searching. By the way, lost hooks show up once you give up and stop looking.

The other reason is I like to have hooks that are the same size but different brands or different materials. I have 5 different I hooks. They are all 5.5mm but depending on the type of yarn I’m using or if I need to meet a certain gauge I could use any of those 5 hooks.

2. Keep them organized.

I have  lot of hooks! So I store them in a few places. One is in my travel case. In this case I keep scissors, yarn needles, a tape measure and whatever hooks I’m using in my current WIPs.  My favorite hooks are stored in a crystal cup thing (technical term) out in the open so I can grab what I need on a whim. The rest are neatly organized in a cases like these.

3. Keep them clean.

You may not think much about this but it’s a good idea to clean your hooks every once and a while. For aluminum and plastic hooks I just use soap and water. You want to be a little more careful with your wood hooks. A quick wipe down with a clean damp cloth and an immediate drying with a cloth will do.

4. Keep them slick.

When you get a brand new hook you may notice they have a bit of grab to them. I like to just rub them on a clean cloth to “break” it in. Also, you can rub a small amount of lotion on your hook then wipe it off with a tissue. This will leave just enough oil on the hook to help it glide through yarn.

5. Keep them comfy.

It was years after I started crocheting when I realized you can add handles to your hooks to make them more ergonomic and it was a huge lifesaver. You can find a tutorial to add a polymer clay handle here. Or if you’re like me and not gifted with clay you can purchase this handle to fit your aluminum hook. I’m also fan of The Crochet Dude handles. I have small hands so the lengths are great. Armor Hooks and Soft Touch Hooks are a good choice as well.


Do you have a hook tip you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments!



  • Kristen

    1. There are many different types of ergonomic crochet hooks on the market. Just because on type works for someone doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Instead of buying a whole set, buy 1 and try it.

    2. I recently had shoulder surgery and didn’t realize this: crocheters tend to hunch their shoulders and work over their projects. We need to take breaks and stretch our shoulders

    • Kayleigh Adamek

      Ohmygosh, THANK YOU for posting that tip – my favorite bamboo hook snagged up on me because I’ve been using it so much, and it’s been catching my yarn pretty bad – I’m going to have to go do this now, because for some reason, I have a random jar of beeswax lying around. =)

  • Tricia

    If I haven’t used a hook in a while then I use a dryer sheet to wipe them down. .helps them glide through the yarn easier

  • Heidi

    My favorite thing to keep my hooks in is a cosmetic case that I got as a bridesmaids gift. It is a large Vera Bradley Mickey case. Inside I have enough room told hold a small notebook with patterns I have worked on recently or that I want to do soon. I love having them written out so I can have it on hand in case I am traveling with a project. My glasses, a smaller case that holds my tape measure, buttons, thread, my needles, stitch markers and my inserts for my ergonomic interchangeable hook grip I have that Boye makes. Some Pens, USB with all my downloaded patterns, scissors and all of my hooks fit in there too. I have about 13 myself and still growing. My personal favorites are Boye and CrochetLite.

  • Doris

    i think it is good to have a handle on the crochet hooks, so I use the old pen, just take out the refill and slide the hook,, it works very good

  • Mandi

    Thank you! I just shared this with my husband and I just told him that you gave me permission to buy more hooks. 😉
    Having more hooks of the same size is great for when you leave big projects at home but do small projects when on the go and need the same size.
    Comfy handles are a must! They save my my hands from hurting. Most local craft stores will carry them. Just try out different ones to figure out what’s best for you.

  • CathyK

    Before I ever saw a “fat” handle, I used rubber bands to keep the hook from slipping out of my fingers. I learned this trick when writing a lot on a job. Then I graduated to jelly or foam pencil grips for G and larger. Rubber bands are still my fav for customizing and the gel for comfort.

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