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The Story Behind the Blanket

In August of 2015 my husband (who does most of my photography) traveled to Honduras on an 11 day mission trip to help repair an orphanage’s water system that had nearly completely failed. While there he had many opportunities to connect with the children at the village, one in particular. When he came home he tried to explain something to me that seemed completely insane. He told me that while he was in Honduras he came to realize that there was a child there who somehow had always belonged to us, even though we hadn’t known she existed until his visit. We talked things over with friends, family, and the organization caring for our kiddo and we came to the decision that we are going to try to adopt her.

What we didn’t realize was how crazy expensive and complicated international adoptions are, particularly in Honduras.  We have a long way to go to meet the financial need to finish the long process. When my husband told me about our daughter I knew I had to make her something. I’ve made blankets for all the special children in my life, so it seemed fitting to make one for our little Honduran princess! She will receive the original for Christmas this year, and you can share one with the special people in your life as well! 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern will benefit our adoption fund.

To protect our daughter’s privacy I can’t give out too much information now but I’ll be happy to update you all on the process as we go.


Pattern Info

I love the look of patchwork blankets/afghans but hate ALL that sewing. The great thing about this pattern is there is NO sewing or intarsia/color work. The blanket is made all in one piece. Plus it’s super easy to customize. I’ve included a color chart to make it just as the sample as well as a blank chart so you can design your own. The sample measures about 48″ by 38″ but because of the way it is constructed you can make it any size you’d like (no math required!).


The pattern is rated at an easy skill level. You will need to know how to chain, single crochet, slip stitch, change color and work in the back loop. That’s it!



I was really excited about this yarn. Back when I was working on the Kram Cardi CAL the lovely folks at Cascade Yarns sent me some Sateen Worsted to try out. It was so soft and the drape was just amazing so I knew right away I had to try to make something with it very soon. Sateen is 100% acrylic, it’s very affordable, easy to care for, PLUS it will hold up all the love I know it’s going to get down in Honduras .


To make your blanket like the sample you’ll need 3 balls of color A (05) and 1 ball each of of color B (41), C (27), D (42), E (48), F (28), G(08).

You can purchase Cascade Sateen worsted from Amazon or Craftsy.


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