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Hi everyone, Katy’s husband, Ed, here. We wanted to give you all an update on our adoption process, and to thank everyone who has purchased Katy’s Blanket for mi Niña pattern. All of the proceeds from the sale of that pattern go directly to our adoption fund, which helps us bring princesa home faster. Click HERE to purchase the pattern now. This pattern will be 35% off through the end of the year. No coupon code needed!Crochet Blanket Pattern

I recently returned home after spending just over two weeks in Honduras visiting our princesa and working on a few photography projects for the ministry that is currently caring for her. It was a great trip and I’ll always value the quality time I got to spend with her. Princesa is doing very well. I got to go over her school report cards and she’s an excellent student! She loves math and science class and art above all else. Overall, she’s a happy, sweet, silly, and sassy girl who can make any situation fun, and who enjoys the challenge of trying to negotiate her way out of chores every day.

As for where we’re at in the process, we’re not much further than we were a month ago. I was able to obtain a copy of her birth certificate but we still have a lot of questions to be answered about her biological parents. What we know is this: Princesa has never been visited by them in the more than 7 years she’s been at the home she’s in now, and no one has ever inquired about her.

Is't she beautiful!?

So that’s the update, really. Our girl is happy, healthy, and getting lots of love every day. It helps us to know that, and being able to visit occasionally helps as well. We’re working on the next steps, which is figuring out how to get her “paper ready” for adoption. Once we get a handle on that, we’ll get to work on our homestudy and the pre-approval process from the U.S. government to adopt a foreign orphan. It’s a long road still!

Katy and I have tickets booked to go back in a few weeks. We hope to have more of an update then!

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