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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The wonderful people at Plymouth Yarns provided the yarn for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine and are not biased in any way.



Yarn Name

Nettle Grove


Plymouth Yarns/ Made in Turkey


218 yards/50 grams

Fiber Content

45% cotton/28% linen/12% nettle fiber/15% silk




Machine wash, tumble dry

Price Range


Where to purchase online

Annie’s Craft Store

From the Yarn Company

“Nettle Grove’s palette of fun charismatic shades are delightfully paired with its cotton, linen, nettle and silk blend. with this textural yarn that has a slight thick and thin hand are colors that have been selected for their promise of a bright and happy spring/summer. Nettle Grove’s crisp linen pairs well with the softer cotton and silk to produce a yarn that is sure to please.” See more on their website HERE.

Initial Thoughts

In a box of beautiful yarn Plymouth Yarn’s Nettle Grove immediately caught my attention. I’m not sure if it was the interesting texture or the color or both. When I looked closer I was surprised to see it was part linen because I always tend to shy away from it. It also contains cotton, silk and a fiber I had never heard of before, nettle fiber. I looked into it and nettle fiber is made from stinging nettle. Don’t worry though, it’s not scratchy or anything like the plant. It’s more like linen.

Nettle Grove is a loosely spun 2 ply yarn.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

When I took a moment to dissect the it was really interesting. One ply is more stiff while the other is more puffy (I assume that ply is more cotton). My thought is the nettle fiber and linen will help the finished fabric have great shape while the cotton and silk will keep it soft. Truly, a great combination when you think about it.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn reviewLooking at the yarn it’s not round but more oblong which tells me it will work beautifully for lace. It should lay flat and drape really well. The yarn also has little wisps of fiber sticking out every so often which was fun as well. It was subtle and not over the top so I liked it.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

How it Works up

Nettle Grove was really easy to work with. If your not use to working with thin yarn it does take some getting use to but that’s normal. I was worried it would be too grabby on my bamboo needles but it wasn’t. I also usually worry with loosely plied yarns that they will split but I had no issues when knitting or crocheting with it. I came across no knots or weird inconsistencies in the thickness of the yarn. It’s a great quality yarn.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn reviewPlymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn reviewPlymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

I just LOVE how this yarn blocked! It responded well to wet blocking as well as steam blocking. Just as I suspected the stitches relaxed and were absolutely flat. Even my crochet swatch was flat. It beautiful!

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn reviewIMG_8063

The yarn looks nice in solid stitches but it shines when worked in a lacy, more open stitches. It also drapes like a dream! I wish I had picked some more open stitches in my knit swatch so that’s something to play with later.

Of course I was worried with the fiber content that it would be stiff and scratchy but it’s not at all. I wouldn’t use it for a baby item but I most defiantly would not mind wearing a top made out of it. It feels quite nice against my skin.


Nettle Grove is machine washable. I washed an dried a swatch 5 times and in between each wash I rubbed the swatch together to simulate some wear. I was really impressed with how it held up. I don’t see any signs of pilling or really any fuzz developing.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

While it held up really well to washing I did notice a couple things. First I could tell right away the color faded a bit. It’s a little hard to see but you can kind of see how the swatch on the left is darker. It’s more noticeable in person. I still liked how the color looked anyway. Keep in mind I was swatching with the darkest color they offer so I imagine it will be less noticeable in the lighter colors. Also, I just threw this swatch in my normal wash and it is quite possible it got washed on warm once or twice so be sure to use cold water.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

Also, after a few washings the little wisps of fiber that I enjoyed were gone. That was a little disappointing. I believe hand washing will avoid both of these issues as my hand washed blocked swatches looked great and I never noticed any color loss in the water I used.

Plymouth yarns nettle grove yarn review

Pattern Ideas

Nettle Grove is till fairly new so there’s not too many patterns out there yet. My immediate thought when I started working with it was a nice light weight top for Spring Summer. It would also make for a gorgeous lace shawl. The yarn does not have much spring back to it so I’d avoid socks or anything that needs to stretch and retain it’s shape.

Here are some patterns to try with Nettle Grove

Plymouth Yarns has a few patterns listed at the bottom of the yarn page HERE.


The fiber content of this yarn scared me a bit but I’m so glad I gave Nettle Grove a chance. If you’re looking for a light weight yarn for the warmer months it will make for some amazing lace shawls and tops. It responds beautifully to blocking and drapes wonderfully with a great texture. You can also see more of Nettle Grove by viewing it on Ravelry HERE. 


I hope you enjoyed this yarn review! You can browse more reviews HERE. Do you know of a yarn you’d like to see reviewed? Feel free to contact me HERE let me know what yarn you’d like to see and I’ll try to get my hands on some 🙂