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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The wonderful people at Universal Yarns provided the yarn for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine and are not biased in any way.



Yarn Name

Bamboo Pop


Universal Yarns/Made in Turkey


292 yards/100 grams

Fiber Content

50% cotton/50% bamboo




Machine wash warm, lay flat to dry, do not iron

Price Range


Where to purchase online

Annie’s Craft Store, Craftsy, Amazon

From the Yarn Company

“Light and breezy, Bamboo Pop is a machine washable 50/50 cotton/bamboo blend that makes great warm weather projects for adults and kids.” See more on their website HERE.

Initial Thoughts


My friend Becky of Grammy Dirlam recently told me about Universal’s Bamboo Pop. The thing about Becky is when she talks about a yarn either you want to steer clear or try it right away. I can’t remember the exact words she used but after chatting with her I put in an order to try it out that day 😉

I don’t usually use a lot of bamboo so I wan’t sure what to expect. On first inspection it looks interesting. I could tell there were 2 colors going on here. Some strands of the fiber are a darker color while others are lighter. It should add great texture to the finished fabric.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

Bamboo Pop is a cable plied yarn. In total there are 12 plies! You can see in this photo there are 6, 2 ply strands. Now, cotton and bamboo are not normally know for their elasticity so all this twisting energy in one strand of yarn is sure to help create a fabric that has some spring to it. It also makes the yarn strong.
Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

In the ball the yarn is soft and feels really nice against the skin. It’s also feels light and I was interested to see what kind of drape it would have.

How it Works up

With all those plies you might be worried about splitting. I found they were tight enough that I had no issues but I might not use really pointy needles with it.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn ReviewUniversal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

As I was working I couldn’t decide if I wanted a more open stitch or something with more texture. The yarn seemed to handle both well. With the kind of marled color you do loose some stitch definition but the finished fabric had a wonderful almost cobble stone look to it. It’s very subtle but I really enjoy it.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

I 100% recommend steam blocking for this yarn. Just a little steam corrected any curling I had with my knit swatches and it also helped add even more drape to the crochet swatch.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

Both swatches are just as the yarn is described. They are light and breezy.  The drape is wonderful and just cascades off my hands.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

As I was working I found only 1 knot on the purple ball (not a big deal at all). Overall, it was a great quality yarn with no inconsistencies in the thickness or anything.

Here’s a picture of the multi color they sent me worked up. It a really bright color but I like it. The stripes of color are really short which I’m not always a fan of. I tried making a shawl (I may play with it some more) so my rows were different lengths but I could see the colors pooling if had it been worked straight.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review


First off, I did not do a good gob following directions on this one. The label says to lay flat to dry. Normally I do with my handmade items but I guess I was just excited and threw my swatch in the dryer (I do NOT recommend doing this!). Oops!

I washed this swatch a total of 5 times and rubbed it together in between each wash. Even with my mistake of throwing in the dryer the swatch looks great! No pilling or anything.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

There was just a slight squished down look to the edge of the swatch (not sure how else to describe it). I also noticed the color faded but only a tiny bit. It’s hardly noticeable and not as bad as I’ve seen with other cotton yarns.

Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

I believe the swatch shrank a little as well but it’s just as soft and still has the wonderful drape I mentioned earlier. Universal Bamboo Pop Yarn Review

This makes me feel like it would be great for kids. It will hold up to the abuse they put on their clothing.

Pattern Ideas

Bamboo Pop is perfect for warmer weather garments. Light weight cardigans, tank tops, shawls…Also with some of the colors they have I think it would be great for kids as well. Although the multiple plies help make it more elastic I would not recommend it for something like socks. They’ll just fall down all day long.

Here are some patterns to try with Bamboo Pop

Group Hug Wrap by Becky Dirlam

Steeple Pullover by Amy Gunderson

Ocean Shale by Jill Bigelow-Suttell

Little Patriot by Universal Yarn


Bamboo Pop is a soft and light weight cotton/bamboo blend perfect for warm weather garments and accessories.  I love how durable this yarn is! It will hold up to everyday wear and is also great for kids. You can also see more of Bamboo Pop by viewing it on Ravelry HERE. 

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