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Last week my husband, Ed and I traveled down to Honduras for a week where I got to meet our Princesa for the first time. I was so nervous to go on this trip. I’ve never traveled out of the country before and I’ve never left my other kids for that long either. I have to say, I’m so glad I took a jump in faith and went. It was a short trip but it was full of amazing moments. Too many to share in this post.

Note: We have decided to continue to refer to our daughter as “Princesa” to keep her identity a little more private for now. 


I tried to prepare myself for what I would see down there but it was just beyond what I could imagine. I saw a lot of shocking things and I didn’t even see the worst of the country. Honduras is a beautiful place with beautiful people but there’s a lot going on that holds the country back from being the prosperous place it could be. That being said, I can’t wait to go back!

Our trip was supposed to be a surprise to Princesa but she found out which was ok. When I first met her she gave me a hug. I could tell she was feeling a bit shy. The girls at the village were watching a movie so we just sat next to each other and it was nice. She eventually warmed up a bit and got to work painting my nails (after paining Ed’s of course!). She then let me paint her nails and Ed was surprised she kept the polish on for a few days because she normally takes it off right away which made me feel good.


The week was full great bonding moments. One night she was upset about something which was horrible but Ed and I had a nice family moment cheering her up and just making her feel loved. We had a conversation that love doesn’t live in things but in her heart and in our hearts so throughout the trip we asked her where love lives and she’d point to her chest.


I had the wonderful opportunity of volunteering in her class for a few days. It was nice seeing her learning and getting a sense what subjects she enjoys most. She seemed to perk up for math and science and had a lot of fun in P.E. We also found out she really likes dolphins, she doesn’t eat meat, she could sit for hours drawing patterns, and loves the color blue.


Eventually, we had to say see you later. Ed and I left her a note explaining how much we love her and promised her we’d take her to pet a dolphin someday. As I hugged her one last time I whispered in her ear that God has great plans for her, I gave her a big fat kiss on the forehead. Then I had to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and walked away from a quiet, sad Princesa.


Ed and I are having a hard time basically living in two places right now that are so drastically different and so far apart but we’re all praying it will be worth all the effort and heartache. We are trying to plan our next trip but it looks like we might not make it back down until June.


I’ve received several messages and comments from people saying they are thinking or us and praying for a smooth process so I want to thank everyone. Right now, the adoption process has not even really started. Things pretty much shut down over the holidays. We did get all the paperwork on Princesa and now know what we need to get started and have been working with a lawyer in Honduras that does good work. We also found out for them to allow the adoption of an identified child we need to show there is a bond with her so these small trips we’re taking down are helping with that part of it in the meantime. The bond is there, we just need to document it now. It’s really hard when you’re having a good time to remember to pull out a camera and take a picture.

In addition to Princesa there are about 30 other girls at the village. I’m going to come up with a simple pattern for a bracelet/hair tie that I can make for each of them. They like to feel pretty and wear their hair up so I think they will all enjoy something like that. I also want to make Princesa a little pencil case that is blue since she likes the color blue and coloring/drawing seems to be her peaceful place. I will keep you all posted on these projects!

Please don’t forget about my Blanket for mi Nina pattern. All proceeds of the sales of this pattern go directly into our adoption fund. Princesa received this blanket for Christmas. I did get a chance to ask her about it but never took a picture of her with it. It was cold while we were there so I hope she got some good use out of it.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

Again, thank you all so much for your continued love and support during this process of bringing our girl home!


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