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Yarn Name

24/7 Cotton


Lion Brand


186 yards/ 100g

Fiber Content

100% Mercerized Cotton




Machine wash, tumble dry.

Price Range


Where to purchase online


From the Yarn Company

“24/7 Cotton is a worsted-weight, mercerized 100% natural fiber yarn. The mercerization process gives the yarn incredible color and sheen which will last through multiple wash cycles. Choose from a variety of 24 colors, which will be perfect for making fashion garments, home dĂ©cor, bath and kitchen accessories, and items for babies and children. .” See more on their website HERE.

Initial Thoughts

24/7 Cotton comes in a whopping 24 bright and fun colors. It’s a mercerized cotton which means it has slight sheen to it. Upon first inspection it looks like a durable yarn.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

It’s a cable ply which gives the yarn a very interesting texture. In total there are 8 plies. In the photo you can see there are 4, 2 ply strands twisted together.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

The twist seems to have a little bit of spring back to it so I wonder how springy the finished fabric will be. I can tell with all the plies it will have great stitch definition.

Looking at the yarn there doesn’t seem to be much air in it. This tells me it may be a bit heavy and cool (not warm).

How it Works up

The yarn was really easy to knit with. It was a bit grabby on my bamboo needles but I kind of like that so the yarn doesn’t go flying away. I did find it a little rough on my hands when crocheting but I find that to be the case with most cottons. I did come across 1 knot and one kind of fuzzy bit that I had to cut out but over all it was very consistent, good quality yarn.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

I have to say I LOVE the stitch definition of this yarn. It was so fun to play with stitches just to see them pop!

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

At first I thought it might not respond well to blocking but with just a little steam all the curls and uneven bumps came right out.

I do think the finished fabric is a bit heavy. It’s also a little stiff and doesn’t have too much drape. Makes me think it might not be ideal for garments. On the other hand it’s really pretty and would make for great decorations and accessories or some garment that is on the small side or has a stitch that lightens the fabric up.


I washed and dried this swatch 5 times and rubbed it together in between each wash.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

Normally, I get all the wrinkles out before photos but this time I decided to show you what it looks like right out of from the dryer. It’s wrinkled yes, but that will come out with a little steam from an iron.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: A Detailed Yarn Review

I thought it looked great after washing. No weird fuzziness or anything. The only thing I noticed was a slight loss in color. It still had great stitch definition which I really like because cotton normally tends to get worn down, I think.

Pattern Ideas

When  first ordered this yarn I was kind of hoping it might be a nice option for garments but honestly, I’m not sure it would be (unless you use a stitch that lightens it up). Its’a bit heavy and stiff. That doesn’t mean it’s still not a great yarn at all though. I think it would be perfect for things like bags, rugs, bracelets, hats with structure, slippers…

If you do decide to make a garment, I think it could be really nice with the right pattern but I would steer clear if you are plus sized. It will get really heavy and I just don’t think it will be flattering.

The yarn is still fairly new so there’s not many patterns out there. I’d choose something that would benefit from a yarn that really highlights the stitch and needs a bit of structure. I’d love to see a bag made out of it! For my I Heart U, Ma! purse I used Lion Brand’s Cotton-Ease but I think it would look beautiful in 24/7 Cotton.

Click HERE to check out the patterns on Lion Brand’s website


Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton will give you amazing stitch definition and structure. With 24 bright a cheerful colors to choose from you can’t go wrong. It’s perfect for bags, home decor, and washcloths. You can also see more 24/7 Cotton by viewing it on Ravlery HERE. 

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