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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The wonderful people at Brown Sheep Company provided the yarn for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine and are not biased in any way.



Yarn Name



Brown Sheep Company/Made in the USA


Sport: 145 yards/ 50g, Worsted: 160 yards/ 100g, Bulky: 160 yards/ 200g

Fiber Content

100% wool (mothproofed)


Sport/fine/2, Medium/Worsted/4, Bulky/5


Hand wash, lay flat to dry or dry clean.

Price Range


Where to purchase online

Amazon, Paradise Fibers

From the Company

Lanoloft, one of Brown’s newest and most sought after yarn is 100% United States grown wool.¬†¬†The majority of the wool used in this line of yarn comes from Colorado sheep with an average micron count of 22 to 24.¬†¬†This line of yarn offers many wonderful variations.¬†¬†It is available in three different weights, sport, worsted and bulky.¬†¬†The color palette is richly covered with 29 solid colors, 8 heathered tones, 16 monochromatic hues, and 12 hand painted color ways.¬†¬†Not only will Lanaloft feel wonderful to the hands as it slips through the fingers, but the finished project will be a feast for the eyes.¬†See more on their website HERE.

Initial Thoughts

Lanaloft comes in 3 different weights and several rich colors. When my yarn arrived I really like the colors. The sport weight and worsted weight are very earthy while the bulky is a fun pink/fuchsia color (I always have issue photographing this color but it really is pretty in person).

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

Lanaloft is a one ply yarn. I don’t work much with one ply yarns so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I do know they tend to be nice and cozy. It’s not a really tight twist and almost more like a roving so that makes me think it will be nice for felted projects.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

I was a little concerned it wasn’t super soft and almost a little stiff so I was really interested to see what would happen after blocking.

I really love the fact that this yarn is made in the USA an that the wool comes from sheep in Colorado. It is also mothproofed which sound interesting. I wish there was a way for me to test this but I didn’t want to deal with bugs so I’m taking their word on this ūüėČ

How it Works up

I was worried I’d have issues with the yarn splitting because the yarn isn’t very tightly spun but I didn’t. I used my bamboo needles. They have a slightly blunt tip so I’m sure that helped. I also used my Furls Odyssey hook which has a blunt tip as well. I didn’t have any issues working with it, it was quite nice to stitch up.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

I balled the entire hank of the bulky yarn and came across one knot but nothing else that was odd. The consistency of each yarn was very nice and high quality. In the amount of yarn I used in the other skeins (about half) I didn’t find anymore knots.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

I know there are people out there who don’t block or don’t like to block but this yarn is a perfect example of why you should! Straight off my hook and needles the fabric was stiff and kind of rough. As soon as I put it in the water to block I could just feel and see it relax. If the yarn could make a noise¬†I can imagine it would sigh, “Ahh…” as soon as it hit the water. Some of the dye did come out in the water but not bad at all for how dark the yarn is. I didn’t feel a second rinse was needed.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

After the swatches dried they felt completely different! They were softer and had a nice drape. Before blocking it was a fabric I would not wear as a garment but after, I’d defiantly wear it! I stuck one swatch in the neck of my shirt to get a better feel of how soft it was because I was worried it would be scratchy against the skin but it was nice.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

I do think cozy is the perfect word to describe the texture of the fabric. The yarn is plump and squishy. You wont get a ton of stitch definition which is very forgiving if your tension happens to be a bit uneven (like mine can be sometimes!).

I decided to lightly felt this small piece I crocheted. It felted wonderfully. Nice and even, I really like how it looks. I think it would be great for some slippers or an oven mitt if you felted a bit more.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review



I took a swatch, blocked it and rubbed it together to see how it holds up. I gently rubbed this swatch for a few minutes and nothing really happened. So I played with it some more off and on for about 30 minutes (I know it was 30 minutes because my son watched an entire episode of Bubble Guppies). I started to see it fuzz then pill but keep in mind it took a lot of work to get it at this point. It’s also nothing a sweater shaver can’t fix.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn ReviewBrown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

Overall, I think it did pretty well. It didn’t pill up right away and even after a lot of rubbing it still doesn’t look horrible. It’s still really soft and didn’t get bent out of shape or anything. Also, with it being just one ply I can imagine it’s harder to accidentally snag on something.

Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft a Detailed Yarn Review

Pattern Ideas

As I was working with the yarn I had a hard time picturing what to make with it but after I finished blocking so many ideas came to mind. Sweaters, cardigans, scarves, gloves/mittens, hats…Oh, the felted projects would be fun too! Baskets, slippers, rugs…anything cozy and warm!

Patterns to try with Lanaloft

Pixie Bonnet by Alessandra Hayden

Scales Scarf by Elly Doyle

Twice-Felted Goldilocks Bowls by Sorren Kerr

The Brookfield Bag, A Felted Handbag by Carol Bristol

Rose & Lily by Lenka Ilcisin & Emily Williams

Anne’s Sweater¬†by Joanna Johnson


Lanaloft was a brand new yarn to me and I really enjoyed it. Blocking is a must! The finished fabric is soft and cozy. Perfect for felted projects and because it comes in so many colors and weights it will work for several projects.  You can also see more Lanaloft by viewing it on Ravlery HERE for worsted, HERE for Sport and HERE for bulky. 

I hope you enjoyed this yarn review! You can browse more reviews HERE. Do you know of a yarn you’d like to see reviewed? Feel free to contact me HERE let me know what yarn you’d like to see and I’ll try to get my hands on some ūüôā