ChiaoGoo Amish Yarn Swift Review | KT and the Squid

This post contains affiliate links. The swift I am review was given to me by the ChiaoGoo company. These opinions are mine and not biased in anyway.

When I first started buying yarn in hanks I had no idea what to do with them to wind them into balls. I tried backs of chairs, my knees and sometimes even a willing volunteer to hold the skein. None of these methods really seemed to work well. I started looking into swifts and after much consideration I went with an Amish style table top swift from ChiaoGoo. I’ve been using it for a while because I wanted to give it a thorough review and here are my thoughts about it.

I love when things are uncomplicated and this swift is just that. It comes disassembled in a few simple pieces.

You assemble the base then add the arms and its held together by a peg in the middle. Super easy, no clamps or screws to adjust that will eventually wear down and not hold so well (that’s mainly why I went with this table top style).

Once the swift is put together you then add 4 pegs to hold your yarn in place. These pegs are adjustable and they have even added measurements onto the arm so there’s no guessing where to put them.

I lay my skein flat, measure it the put the pegs in the appropriate spot but the more I use it the easier it is to tell what size the skein is.

On the bottom of the swift are 4 non slip grips. They work great and keep the swift from sliding around while you wind.

Over all the swift is made of solid wood and is very sturdy. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s held up great! One thing I have noticed is you do need a level table. A few times I’ve put it on my foot stool (I was lazy). Because it’s not a hard surface it’s not really level so it can cause some wear where the arms meet the base of the swift. But as long as I’m on a level surface it’s fine. It spins effortlessly. You can go slow or fast and have to worry about it having a hard time keeping up or spinning too fast.

One thing that appealed to me when looking into this swift was how easy it was to store. The umbrella swifts always seemed a little too bulky to easily put away. At first, I put everything away in the box it came in and slid it under my couch or a dresser. That worked well for a while until the box got ¬†little beat up. I ditched the box and just have the pieces now. There’s a little gap between my couch and side table where I normally work. So the long pieces slide in there and the pegs fit nicely in my OttLite stand on my side table. The ONLY thing I wish I had was a box or bag to store it all in. What I do now works well but I’d like to keep it all together. So if anyone has a good solution to this let me know!

One thing that did worry me was always having to have a surface if I wanted to wind yarn. I don’t have a ton of table top space. Especially if the kitchen table is being used for homework or whatever else. No worries! Like I said, sometimes I use my foot stool (just make sure it stays level). Heck, you could use the floor if you needed to!

The last thing that I really liked about the swift was the price! I feel for the price they are a really good quality product. To get a good quality umbrella swift it’s quite a bit more. The folks at ChiaoGoo were kind enough to supply me with my swift but I wanted to make sure it was a good price for my readers. You can find great prices HERE on Amazon! I thought at first this would be a good swift to start with then invest in a better one latter but I really have no intentions of getting another one because I’m so happy with it!

I’m really happy with my swift and feel I made the right decision! It’s durable, easy to store and assemble. It’s easy enough to use even the Squid can do it!