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Should you Wash Your Yarn Before Using it? Help a Fan Out | KT and the Squid

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A reader asked: “I’ve heard washing acrylics makes them softer. Someone told me they wash the skein before they use it. Is this a good idea?” Posted the question on my Facebook page and got some great responses!

I do no recommend washing yarn before you use it. Most yarns are coated with a “lubricant” that cuts down at friction as the yarn is being spun in the factory. It basically prevents the factory from catching on fire. This same “lubricant” can actually help you work with the yarn. You should definitely wash your finish item to soften it up though. This also applies to other fiber types such as wool and cotton.

Atthe same time, IF something happens to your yarn (like split coffee) it’s a good option to save the yarn. You can watch this video for a little more information.

Click HERE to view the video on YouTube.
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