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Each Tuesday in my FREE Facebook group I ask for tips. Over the last few weeks I realized these were too good not to share. Here are 5 crochet or knit tips to help you on your fiber journey

5 crochet and knit tips

    1. Catherine Anne Kemp: “My tip is sew/crochet in as you go.” You can find several tutorials on how to do this. I like this Ultimate Guide to Join-as-you-go Crochet.

    2. Jana Bowman Lauderman said: “I love using this stitch to start a row or round much better than chaining. Alternate DC Turning Chain (alt-ch) Turn your work. Do not work any chains. Make a SC in the first stitch of the row, insert your hook into the front left vertical bar of the SC and yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops.” https://youtu.be/emsUVHgn3Hc

    3. Jeanette Webster: “Get a little tin, Stick a sticky backed magnet in the bottom. Will hold your sewing needles in place and they won’t get lost down the sides of the sofa (couch) or get knocked on the floor. The tin also keeps them safe when you are not using them!”

    4. Kimari Wright: “Don’t work on a pattern you have to count when you are too tired.”

    5. Steff Walker: “My top Tuesday tip is Ipsy bags. When you’ve taken out the makeup they make awesome notions bags for when you are on the go! Hooks fit in them too.”


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