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Each Tuesday in my FREE Facebook group I ask for tips. Over the last few weeks I realized these were too good not to share. Here are 5 crochet or knit tips to help you on your fiber journey

5 crochet and knit tips

    1. Michelle Klinga: It’s a little thing, but it saves my sanity… Place a stitch marker on the loop when you’re putting your work away for even just a moment – especially if you have little ones or pets around! That way you don’t accidentally frog a bunch of hard work! 
    2. Kristen Lucia: If you’re on a fixed budget or just cannot afford the more expensive hooks but find holding crochet hooks difficult ( like I do ), there are several ways to create ergonomic hooks. I use polymer clay to create mine. Foam hair rollers with duct tape can also work. Remove inserts on rollers, place on hook and tape in place if needed. 
    3. Teresa Atkinson: I don’t sit still well. I keep a project in my car all the time. I’ve learned that keeping it in a snap lock container let’s me leave it open when I’m by myself to grab while waiting in drive thru lines. Or cover it and take it with me in for office visits etc. Keeps everything together nicely. 
    4. Beverly Ross: I started putting all of my projects in gallon bags with hook size written on the outside and yarn I’m using. I’ve found that carrying projects around its too easy for surprise velcro to ruin it (like from the inside of my back pack or outside of my make up pouch!). I also have a bad habit of borrowing hooks from projects and forgetting which one I stole it from. 
    5. Jana Bowman Lauderman: Making sure your stitch counts are right before you go to the next row. I had to frog 5 rows on my current project because my count was off and it wasn’t noticeable until I got 5 more rows done.


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