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You can purchase this pattern HERE from Ravelry.

Its been a long road…I can’t even remember how long ago it was but I ordered this beautiful yarn from Cascade.

It started off as a cardigan. I decided I didn’t like it so it became a shawl and even had the pattern tested…Nope, didn’t like it, back to cardigan.  I still wasn’t happy so it went in my timeout pile for months.

Then one day I decided I was just going to force myself to make SOMETHING with it. When I’m looking for a little inspiration I hit up Pinterest. I fell in love with this simple shape of a poncho. I figured if I made is easy and uncomplicated I would get it done and I did…then it sat…and sat…and sat.

You see, earlier this year I hit a rut. Nothing felt right. Do you ever hit a wall like that? As an artist I go through several ups and downs with my creativity and motivation but this down was tough to get out of. For the longest time I didn’t really crochet or design so I’ve been struggling to get back into it. After learning to make soap and dye yarn I decided it was time to get back to it!

I questioned this design several times throughout it’s creation but after seeing it on my model I’m in love! It looks so cozy and perfect for cool days and evenings. I ca see myself cuddling up with it on the couch on a Fall evening. Unfortunately, my sister has claimed it so she’ll get to enjoy it instead!

Like I said, the pattern is quite simple. If you can make a blanket you can make this poncho. The stitch I used it a little out of the norm but makes the drape absolutely dreamy. There is one seam at the shoulders but its very straight forward and no real sewing is required. I’ve used Cascade Superwash 220 Sport. It’s a 100% merino wool and super soft. You’ll need 5 skeins of color A (873 Extra Creme Cafe) and 4 each of colors B (819 Chocolate), C (1940 Peach) and D (817 Aran). Two size 4 snaps are optional if you’d like a way to secure the sides.

This is a one size fits all pattern. The finished width is 35″ laying flat. My model has a 37″ bust to give you an idea about fit. It also fits me great at 32″ bust and it fit my sister as well with a 42″ bust.

You can purchase this pattern HERE from Ravelry.