Egmonth Shawl Update

Hey friends! The Egmonth Shawl has been updated to use my Squid Sock yarn! Yes!

I just love this project because it’s perfect to throw in a bag and work on whenever you find your hands are free.

You can view the pattern for free on my site HERE or purchase the ad free PDF.

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The Egmont Shawl uses 2 skeins of Squid Sock. I used Bryna and Katia. For the update I also dyed up a bunch more colorways options. I was only going to do a couple but the Fall spirit hit me hard and I got a little excited. I may have gone overboard with the colors options but I’m not sorry at all. Lol! What I love about all these colors is that they couple pretty much be mixed and matched in any way and they would still look awesome. All colorways have the same color speckles so that really helps tie them all together.

This week use the code Egmont15 for 15% off these select yarns through 9/4/19. All orders will also come with one free stitch marker made by my mom (while supplies last).

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