Friday Pattern Finds| 11-22-19

I’ve found for 3 patterns I think you’ll enjoy! Plus, I have suggestions for yarn from KT and the Squid I think would be perfect for each design.

The November Twilight Scarf by Kirsten Holloway

I think you could use Squish Squid Worsted or Squid DK for this pattern. It would be gorgeous in Slate or Paula.

[products ids=”19275, 15598, 15615, 16618″]


Winter Wishes by Sweet Potato 3

My Squid Squid Worsted would work perfect for this scarf. Something like Gracie would be soft and feminine or November’s Mystery Colorway would be fun too.

[products ids=”16017, 19261, 15961, 16036″]

The Mayfair Wrap by KT and the Squid 

I designed this wrap so you could really use any weight yarn. My Squid Sock would make it more delicate and my Squid Worsted would make for a more cozy wrap. With the simple stitch pattern you could really do anything as far as color too. Biscuit would be pretty and something like Bryna would go with any wardrobe.

[products ids=”13760, 13935, 13926, 13779″]

Enjoy these patterns by these great designers and I’ll see you again next week! If you’d like to be considered for future Pattern Finds posts feel free to contact me


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