Stauffer Shawl Update

My first memory of crochet was when I was a little girl sitting in the back seat of my grand parents car. I was feeling car sick reading a book so I looked up and saw my grandmother working on something. I knew about knitting so I was a bit confused about what she was doing. The stitches went on then off. Was she just messing up over and over? Fast forward years and years later when I learned to crochet and it still didn’t make sense.

It wasn’t until a few years ago after she had passed and I ended up with some of her knitting and crochet things she had that she was doing Tunisian crochet all those years ago in the car. When I originally designed the Stauffer Shawl I used the very hook she was using

I’m not very experienced at Tunisan crochet so the Stauffer Shawl is great if you aren’t either. This pattern has been updated using a skein of Urban Reflection and 2 Squidlets in Poe and Molly

I thought it was a fun way to play with all the new colorways I just added to the shop. I designed several brand new variegated yarns to mix and match with colorways from my Everyday Collection

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