Mystery Yarn and Charm Club Voting #1

It’s time for a brand new Mystery Yarn Club! I’m changing how we do things and I’m so excited for these changes! Like my old club you still get to vote on the brand new colorway but with this new club you’ll get to try new bases and you’ll get a bonus handmade stitch marker inspired by the colorway.

The yarn…

Each month I will hand select a yarn base. This month it will be the brand new Merlin.

This base is 90% superwash merino wool and 10% linen
Each skein is 100g and 393yards

This base is is single ply and heavenly! The natural linen is prepared to vary in thickness to give the yarn a textured finish with subtle drape. When dyed, the linen resists the dye and remains white, producing a halo of linen fibers. It’s gorgeous!

This base is perfect for next to skein projects. A cowl, small shawl, hat, mittens or finger less gloves would be amazing.

You have 3 options of clubs

  1. single skein plus charm
  2. 2 mystery skeins plus charm
  3. single mystery skein with coordinating skein plus charm

Vote below for the top 3 colors you’d like to see in this club. I will use the top 3 colors to design a brand new colorway. After you vote you will be redirected to purchase from my Etsy shop. HERE

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Pick three colors you'd like in next month's Mystery Colorway


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