Furls Candy Shop Hooks


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Hands down these are my favorite hooks! I have smaller hands so I’ve had a hard time finding hooks that fit just right. They are on the shorter side for hooks which is perfect for me. The fun colors also make it easy to find the hook I need. Plus they’re really fun.

What I really like about Furls is they have a no questions asked replacement, exchange and refund policy. One of my hooks broke (it was my fault, I dropped it on a hard floor) and they send me a replacement, no questions asked!

If you need a longer hook you might like Streamlines or Swirls.



From the Company…

Treat your eyes

You crochet. You make art. Why not make your art with art? Furls’ artisans handmake every Candy Shop hook in breathtaking colors and gorgeous shapes so that you can enjoy using a beautiful tool while you make beautiful things. Life is too short to use an ugly hook.

Treat your hands

Eventually, repetitive motion will wear out your hands and wrists. Protect yourself and your body with an ergonomic hook that is light, smooth, and designed for the human hand. Every Furls hook is sculpted to releive tension in the MCP (metacarpaphalangeal) joint in the human hand and backed by a $500 hand health warranty so you can crochet without worry.

Treat your projects

Will your projects notice the difference in a Furls hook? Absolutely! Straighter rows and more even stitches are natural consequences of a hook that fits into and relaxes your hand. Customers say their crochet is often mistaken for knitting when they use a Furls hook because of the straightness of their stitches!


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