Stitch Markers – yarn balls


These yarn ball stitch markers were handmade by me (Katy). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This set comes with 5 stitch markers/progress. You may not receive the exact ones pictured. Because they are handmade they may vary slightly. Charms measure about 5/8 inch.

Clasps open to make these markers removable. Choose from 3 different options.

1. Pin (standard)
2. Round locking clasp
2. Lobster clasp

Please allow up to 1 week to ship as your stitch markers are assembled.

Here are some helpful ways to use stitch markers in your knitting or crochet
1. Keep track of how many stitches or rows you have (makes counting easier!)
2. Mark the right or wrong side of your project.
3. Mark were you need to seam something.
4. Mark any pattern changes such as increases or decreases or where specified in your pattern.
5. Keep your work (mostly crochet) from unraveling if you need to set your project down.

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