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Stitch Markers for crochet, progress keepers, metal stitch markers, knit stitch markers

$22.00 USD

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  • Aluminum
Stitch markers for crochet

These hand sculpted aluminum stitch markers are snag free and perfect for crochet. choose from 4 different color options. Each set comes with 6 metal stitch markers and a tin that is lined with soft foam to keep the markers from scratching.

The longer leg makes it easy to insert and remove with not fiddly clasp, while the smaller loop keeps them from falling out. I use them for my crochet but they will also fit a knitting needle up to 6mm.

Here are a few ways I like to use stitch markers.

1. Keep track of how many stitches or rows you have (makes counting easier!)
2. Mark the right or wrong side of your project.
3. Mark were you need to seam something.
4. Mark any pattern changes such as increases or decreases or where specified in your pattern.
5. Keep your work (mostly crochet) from unraveling if you need to set your project down.
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