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How to: Sew a Zipper onto a Crochet/Knit Sweater

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Adding a zipper to a crochet or knit sweater makes a special garment even more special. I know I was intimidated by them at first but it really is easy. Believe me! I am horrible at anything that has to do with sewing so if I can do it, anyone can!

What you’ll need:

A finished Sweater

One separating zipper

Coats: Thread & Zippers – Coil Separating Zipper

Sewing thread and needle

Coats: Thread & Zippers – Transparent Polyester Thread 400 Yards

Fray Check

Dritz 674 Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant, 0.75-Ounce

Optional: Grosgrain ribbon

Lets get started!

Step 1

Open up the zipper. Starting from the bottom up (remember you will be shortening the zipper) pin the first side into place as close to the edge of the trim as you can. Periodically zip the zipper up and down as you go to make sure your stitches do not catch in the zipper.

Step 2

Back stitch up the trim as close to the edge as you can. Again, periodically zip the zipper up and down to make sure it does not catch. Be careful not to stretch your stitches as you sew. Stop where you’d like to shorten your zipper. For the sample I stopped about 2” from the shoulder seam. You’ll want to leave some room for the shoulders.

Since I used clear thread the red lines are showing where to sew.

Step 3

Zip up your zipper and pin the other side just as you did the first side. You want to do this while the zipper is zipped up so that you can make sure your stitches on either side are lining up.

Step 4

Back stitch the second side just as you did the first side.

Step 5

Bring the zipper pull down past where you will be shortening.

The red lines are marking where I will be shortening the zipper to.

Step 6

Turn the vest inside out. Fold the zipper inward at about a 45 degree angle and pin in place. *Do NOT trim the zipper until you have stitched it in to place.

Step 7

Repeat for the other side making sure both sides match.

Step 8

Back stitch across the top of the zipper and all the way down the edge. Trim off the excess of the zipper.

The red lines are showing where I stitched. The blue line is showing where to trim the zipper.

Step 9

Repeat for the other side. Seal the raw edges of the zipper with some Fray Check.

Step 10

Turn the Sweater right side out, stand back and admire your work!

I hope this helps you tackle something you may have thought was intimidating before. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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