Leudinghause Crochet-Along: Week 1 | KT and the Squid

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Welcome to Week 1 of the Leudinghause Crochet-Along! This week we will be checking our gauge. 

Leudinghause Crochet-Along: Week 1 | KT and the Squid

First of all. if you do not have all your yarn yet don’t worry! I made this first week short on purpose so you could catch up. Next, if you have NEVER made a gauge swatch before I’m here to help. I’ve made a complete video explaining the process.

Are you lost? Read THIS POST first! 

I want to remind you the PDF is still available to purchase HERE if you’d like. Keep in mind, all the info you need is located below for FREE but if you’d like something to print the PDF may be something you’ll want to purchase.

Here is a video explaining everything for this week. If you are looking for specific information I have noted at what times I start talking specific things in the post below. A big thanks to Universal Yarns and Furls Crochet for the supplies for this CAL!


15 esc by 13 rows = 4″ square (blocked)

Special Stitches

Foundation Single Crochet (Fsc): Ch 2, insert hook into the 2nd ch from hook, yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 1 loop on hook (this makes the ch), yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook (completes the sc). (5:05)

Next Fsc: Insert hook under the 2 loops of the ch of the last st and pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 1 loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops. (5:40)

Extended Single Crochet (esc): Insert hook into the indicated stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over, pull through one loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops. (7:26)


If you need more information be sure to watch the video above. Remember like I said in last week’s post, we are using a G/4mm Furls Odyssey Hook.

  1. Make a gauge swatch. If you have never made an esc before I suggest practicing with some stash yarn just to get the hang of it. It’s an easy stitch to do but you do want to get the feel of it so that your tension is consistent. Also, make sure the swatch is larger than 4 inches square so you can measure in a few places and so you can leave out the end sts and rows in your measurements. (2:26)
  2. Block your swatch. Because I’m using acrylic I just threw mine in the washing machine and dryer. If you are subbing with something else be sure to block accordingly.
    Why do I need to block my swatch? I explain in the video at 10:02.
    If you think you might like to try steam blocking I explain how to do that at 12:32 in the video.
  3. Measure your swatch! I show this at 14:57 in the video.

If you got lucky and your gauge is correct celebrate because that RARELY happens on the first try! If it’s off you will need to start over with a new swatch. PLEASE don’t worry about using up your yarn. I always add a little extra just in case. Unless you’re making 10 swatches it shouldn’t be an issue.

(17:25) If you have too many stitches in your 4″ your tension is too tight and you need to try with a larger hook. If you have too few stitches your tension is too loose and you need to try a smaller hook. If you are able to get the right number of stitches but your height is off please view THIS video where I give a few quick fixes that may help.

Once you figure out what hook will work write it down somewhere so you don’t forget! Sit back. relax and I will see you next week!

If you need some help please hop into my Facebook group and there are some awesome people in there (including me!) ready to help.

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