Mollie Ollie Organizer Review

I don’t know about you but organizing my crochet is a constant struggle. My projects usually end up in a pile next to the couch. Yikes! So when the people at Mollie Ollie reached out about their Mimmo Caddy I was excited to give it a try!

First of all the Caddy arrived nice and flat which makes me believe it would be great to take on vacation (when we can travel again) so I can have a few projects going and not all over our room. When I opened it up it looked very well made and sturdy. It was easy to pop it into shape and I got right to work seeing what I could fit in it.

You need pockets? This thing has pockets! On one side is a nice zipper pocket which fits my crochet hooks very nicely as well as a few other needed items like a tape measure, scissors, stitch markers…. The pockets on the other sides are very helpful too. You could stick patterns or other notes you might need in there. There’s so many pockets I didn’t fill all mine, haha.

In the main part of the caddyI was able to fit quite a bit of yarn. It comes with dividers which can be removed with velcro (so be careful with your yarn). With the dividers in you can fit a few smaller projects or take them out and fit one large project like a blanket.

The best thing about this caddy is how portable it is! I love I can throw it over my arm and move into another room with my project. Or take it in the car for a little road trip.

Its actually hard to believe this great caddy is under $30. You can purchase your Mimmo Caddy HERE. Use code 10Katykt for 10% off (valid through 2/15/2021).

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