Primera Nevada Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

The Primera Nevada Beanie free crochet pattern is a fun beanie to make with Chroma from We Crochet. This easy beanie pattern is great for beginners and makes a great gift!

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We recently adopted our daughter from Honduras and if you don’t know Honduras is in a warm climate that rarely sees snow. I’m so excited for her to see her first snow! While it hasn’t happened yet I wanted to get her ready so I had her go on to pick out some yarn for a hat and maybe a scarf. After looking for a bit she was drawn to the bright colors of Chroma. She settled on the colorway Pixie and I think it suits her nicely.  I hope you enjoy this fun free crochet pattern!

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One Size: fits 20-24” adult head


1 ball We Crochet Chroma Worsted (70% superwash wool, 30% nylon: 198 yds/100g; worsted/4 weight) Sample made in the colorway Pixie.


J/6 mm (or hook to obtain gauge)

Other Materials

Pom Pom (optional)


The brim of this hat is made first, then the body of the hat, finished with some simple decreases for the top of the hat. 

Pay close attention to the turns in the body of the hat.


15 sts by 12 rows = 4” square measured over sc worked in the BLO


Ch = chain

St(s) = stitch(es)

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

BLO = back loop only

Ws = wrong side

Rs = right side



With MC chain 19.

Row 1: Sc in the 2nd ch from hook and every ch across, turn. 18sts

Row 2: Ch 1, working in the BLO sc in each st across, turn. 

Repeat row 2 for 60 total rows. 

Seam the brim by slip stitching the last row to the first by working in the BLO.


You will now start working in the sides of the rows of the brim.

Round 1 (rs): Ch 1, sc in the side of each row of the brim, join with a slip st to the 1st st. 60 sts

Round 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a st), dc in each st around, join with a slip st to the 1st st, turn.

Round 3 (ws): Ch 1, (sc, dc, sc) in the 1st st, skip 2 sts, (sc, dc, sc) in the next st, skip 2 sts; repeat from * around, join with a slit st to the 1st st, turn.

Round 4: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join with a slip st to the 1st st.

Round 5: Repeat round 2.

Repeat rounds 3-5 three more times for a total of 14 rounds.


Round 15: Ch 1, (sc, dc) in the 1st st, skip 2 sts, (sc, dc) in the next st, skip 2 sts; repeat from * around, join with a slit st to the 1st st, turn. 40 sts

Round 16: Ch 1, *sc, skip 1; repeat from * around, join with a slip at to the 1st st. 20 sts

Rounds 17-18: Repeat round 16. 5 sts

Fasten off leaving a longer tail, close up the top of the hat with a sewing needle and the long tail, weave in all ends. Attach a pom pom if you’d like.

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