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    5 Crochet Hook Tips | KT and the Squid

    This post contains affiliate links. When I first started crocheting one thing I didn’t put to much thought into were my hooks. Over the years I have collected quite a few and have learned they are just as important as the yarn. Here are a few hook tips you may not have thought about.

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    How to: Gauge

    Ever had a project come out much larger than the instructions said? Have you ever had a project come out the right size only to stretch out so much it’s completely useless? I can tell you your number one problem is probably your gauge. I know the word gauge may be a bit scary or you might think it’s a…

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    How to: Seamless Crochet Stripes in the Round

    I have a fun little technique for you to try. After making a few of these hats I hated how my color changes came out. I came up with what I think is a seamless striping technique and want to share it with you here.   I have written this tutorial specifically to go with The Perfect Stripes Newsboy pictured…

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    Hat Measurements

    I get a lot of people ask about hat measurements. I’ve made a little chart with the sizes I use to help you all out. Even if you don’t design your own hats these measurements are helpful for checking fit of hats made from patterns when you don’t have a live model.


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