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Adoption Update: August 2018

Hey all! I’ve just returned from the CGOA Chain Link Conference and it occurs to me after being asked about what’s going on with our adoption I haven’t really updated you all very much. To be honest I feel a bit weird bringing it up but everyone says they want to know so here goes…

From our most recent trip in December.

As we approach three years since we made the decision to try and adopt our Honduran kiddo, we’re finally seeing some progress! Her abandonment case was published in the media recently, and now we’re waiting to be called for the legal assignment by the end of the year – we hope.

The home stretch comes with some serious financing requirements. We always knew that paying for this adoption would be a test of faith. Our government does not make international adoption an affordable process. That’s why I designed a special blanket pattern – the Blanket for mi Nina pattern was made just for our Blanquita!

She has the very blanket from the picture with her in Honduras and all the kids down there recognized it when they saw a photo in my phone while were down there in December. 100 percent of every sale of this pattern goes directly to our adoption fund. In fact, if everyone who follows my Facebook page were to purchase this pattern for themselves, or as a gift, our final adoption financing needs would be met! I know that’s not realistic, but I do hope you’ll love the pattern and help our family with what we think is a great cause! You can purchase the pattern HERE

Of course, any purchase from my shop helps!

She fits right in with our goofy family!

Here are some facts about Honduras: It is the second poorest nation in the Western hemisphere after Haiti. It is also one of the most violent countries on Earth. At times, the murder rate in Honduras has exceeded that of Iraq during the height of the ISIS insurgency there. The country is incredibly corrupt and has recently suffered political turmoil as their president was reelected to a second term despite a constitutional limitation of one presidential term in a lifetime. International observers have commented that the election results were highly suspect. More than 70 percent of the population lives in horrible poverty. Diseases like polio are still ravaging the poorest members of Honduran society and the number one cause of death in children in the country is diarrhea – caused by parasites in the water, food, etc. Gangs run the country. Many families are subject to crushing extortion that they must comply with or else they face deadly consequences. There are more than 130,000 “at-risk” or abandoned children in a country of barely 8 million people.

I taught her to finger knit and she’s a natural!

I have to say this community is AMAZING. I have received countless well wishes and prayers. We feel the love and appreciate it very much. Thank you!

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Done in Love Crochet-a-Long Sneak Peek | KT and the Squid

It’s that time of year again! Time for the 3rd annual KT and the Squid Crochet-a-Long! In 2015 I came up with this idea of a garment Crochet-a-Long. The goal was to guide crocheters or many skill levels through a garment that was not only easy to make but easy to wear. I’m still in shock when I look at how many of you have made these sweaters!

The most amazing part is reading what you’ve you said about the process. Yes, several of you ended up making a garment for the first time but I can’t tell you how many people have told me how much more it’s meant to them. One person in particular let me know how one CAL helped her heal after loosing her mother. It got me thinking about my love for crochet and the amazing healing power it has. A few months ago I asked members of my Facebook group to pick ONE word to describe how they feel when they crochet. Then, I took the words and made this graphic.

This little word cloud makes me so happy and there’s not one word on there that I don’t feel when I crochet. Don’t you agree!? Overall when I crochet I feel love and that brings me to my inspiration for this year’s design. Love. Like in past years I wanted to design something that was simple, easy to make and a great fit. This is all you can see for now but I promise it wont disappoint!

I will tell you it’s a pullover and you’ll LOVE that there is no seaming!!

This year the pattern will be available for purchase only BUT with the pattern you also get a bonus PDF to serve as a step-by-step tutorial as well as access to my exclusive group where I’ll be to help if needed.

You can purchase the pattern HERE and if you buy before the big reveal next week (Aug. 30, 2017) you’ll only pay $1.98. After that the price will go up. NO CODE NEEDED. If you act fast not only will you get the special pricing but you will also get to see the big reveal early in the exclusive group!

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KT and the Squid’s Cool Weather Wear Crochet Pattern Ebook for Women and Girls

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I’m so excited to bring this special ebook to you! Earlier this year I had a crazy idea to rework a bunch of my first designs. I wanted to use new yarns and revamp a few things with the designs. I contacted one of my favorite yarn companies, Cascade Yarns to see what that thought and they were kind enough to let me use their yarns! Continue reading KT and the Squid’s Cool Weather Wear Crochet Pattern Ebook for Women and Girls

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Cardigans Ebook: 6 Crochet Patterns | KT and the Squid

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I’ve put together a collection of crochet patterns designed to flatter and grow your crochet skills! Continue reading Cardigans Ebook: 6 Crochet Patterns | KT and the Squid

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Adna Cowl Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid

While browsing Plymouth Yarns new yarns I came across Merino Textura and had to try it. After staring at it for a few days I came up with this cowl/shawl hybrid. I’ve been making a bunch of these lately but this was actually my first. I’m calling it the Adna Cowl Continue reading Adna Cowl Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid

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Scrap Yarn Woven Bracelet Tutorial | KT and the Squid

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Ever get an awesome yarn for a project and have not enough yarn leftover for another project but just enough you feel bad throwing it away? These bracelets are perfect for small scraps of yarn. I used less than 6 yards so you really don’t need a lot.
Continue reading Scrap Yarn Woven Bracelet Tutorial | KT and the Squid

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January Honduras Trip and Adoption Update | KT and the Squid

Last week my husband, Ed and I traveled down to Honduras for a week where I got to meet our Princesa for the first time. I was so nervous to go on this trip. I’ve never traveled out of the country before and I’ve never left my other kids for that long either. I have to say, I’m so glad I took a jump in faith and went. It was a short trip but it was full of amazing moments. Too many to share in this post. Continue reading January Honduras Trip and Adoption Update | KT and the Squid