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Quick and Easy Preemie Hat

Ever save tiny little balls of yarn just because you hate to throw them away? Well I do! I’ve found the perfect use for them is to make little preemie hats to donate. I know a lot of people think about this during the holidays but hospitals take donations all year round. The pattern uses worsted weight yarn which most crocheters hand on hand. Testers said it took about 10 minutes so it’s really easy to make a bunch in a small amount of time. Continue reading Quick and Easy Preemie Hat

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Free Bright Stripes Crochet Beanie

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The other day I made the kids some matching hats. My son is obsessed with this bright green color so he loves it and The Squid is always happy to get a new hat. This pattern was so simple I’m happy to share it here with you all 🙂

Scroll to the bottom for a video tutorial (in Italian). Continue reading Free Bright Stripes Crochet Beanie