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Leudinghause Crochet-Along: Week 5 | KT and the Squid

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Welcome to Week 5 of the Leudinghause Crochet-Along! This week we will be finishing our cardigan! 

Are you lost? Read THIS POST first! 

I want to remind you the PDF is still available to purchase HERE if you’d like. Keep in mind, all the info you need is located below for FREE but if you’d like something to print the PDF may be something you’ll want to purchase.

Here is a video explaining everything for this week. If you are looking for specific information I have noted at what times I start talking specific things in the post below. A big thanks to Universal Yarns and Furls Crochet for the supplies for this CAL!


  1. Block your body and sleeves the same way you blocked your gauge swatch (0:36).  I simply threw min in the washer then the dryer. You will want to pull it out of the dryer while it’s still warm to lay flat to cool. This will help avoid any wrinkles from setting in. If you are steam blocking you can do that now or after the sleeves are sewn in.
  2. Seam your sleeves into your body (2:36). I used a simple mattress stitch.
  3. Weave in all your ends (12:42).

Once you’re done throw on your sweater and enjoy!

If you need some help please hop into my Facebook group and there are some awesome people in there (including me!) ready to help.

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